What People are Saying About Eco Caminhos

Eco Caminhos is not just a place to volunteer, it is a place to experience a different way of life. I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable in my home away from home. I enjoyed meeting such amazing people and learning about their different backgrounds and reasons for joining the Eco Caminhos family. Working on the Eco-farm and learning about bio construction was a nice change from my regular life. In my time there I learned that happiness should always come first.” – Raelle, Canada

A super project. People committed to nature, truth, and life in this beautiful land. Dear companions and partners.” – Mirtes, Brazil

Excellent ethos and driven by people with true passion, cannot recommend enough!” – Joel, United Kingdom

Amazing experience! Life, culture, concept, landscape, food, friendship, collaboration, volunteering… you come back from there different. And wanting to go back” – Robson, Brazil

Pure Nature, good energy, tranquility, total harmonyTania, Brazil


What Volunteers Have to Say About Their Experience

I am grateful and happy for my experience and am looking forward to seeing how that little permaculture farm, striving to be self-sustaining, will develop in the future.” –  Sarita, Austria – Short-Term Volunteer

After this experience life will be more about me. I have lived a life in service of others and I learned a lot from that and enjoyed it too, but there was a point that I knew that I had to make this turn and for me Eco Caminhos has been the right place to make this turn.” – Maria, Holland – Short-Term Volunteer

Being a volunteer at Eco Caminhos was the best experience I lived so far. To be honest, I got from it much more than I expected…I got new friends, new outlooks on life and I managed to do do things I never saw myself doing.” – Catalin, United Kingdom – Short-Term Volunteer

“I learned how my thoughts and actions can become more harmonious. From the beginning, I wanted to live in an organic way and Eco Caminhos gave me the tools to do it.” – Tanja, Denmark – Short-Term Volunteer

The rhythm of life was a welcome change from the often chaotic and demanding nature of the city, and this environment really allows individuals to slow down and become more established in the simple things.Kennedy, Canada – Light Rehab Program