Agroforestry in Brazil

Reference in Agroforestry in Brazil

Eco Caminhos has become a reference in biodiverse agroforestry systems. We offer agroecological products grown in abundance and free of pesticides. In addition, we plant agroforestry in previously degraded areas. Today we have 2 hectares of biodiverse agroforestry that go from the vegetable gardens to the forests! The farm still has over 20 hectares available for the implementation of agroforestry systems.  The farm is located within the mountains of Nova Friburgo, in the middle of the Atlantic subtropical forests. Eco Caminhos Agroforestry is family-based and has been promoting activities related to sustainability and permaculture since 2015.

agrofloresta em Brasil

Our Vision

Deliver differentiated products that can improve the quality of life of all involved agents (Human being and Nature), providing a new experience from the field to the dish!

Our Mission

Produce foods of the highest quality, respecting nature and its cycles. Having as a result of this agriculture the creation of abundant and biodiverse forests, providing better health for people.  Sharing knowledge and influencing people to follow our example.

What benifits does agroforestry offer us and our planet?

  • Agroforestry covers several objectives and enables us to live harmoniously on our planet. At the same time that we recover nature, we produce healthy food. It is possible to work on soil regeneration and food production, through the planting of different crops, optimizing spaces, respecting the strata of each plant and its temporal relationship. At Eco Caminhos we follow the Principles of Sintropic Agriculture according to Ernst Götsch.
  • Life promotes the transformation of an environment with few resources into abundant forests with well-structured soils that sustain a huge community of living beings and animals.
  • We cultivate agroforests with great commitment and affection with low supply of external inputs (such as organic fertilizers, water, plastics, etc.) We work on an important and urgent legacy: the establishment of forests. These agroforests recover the soil, strengthening trade and its local producers. All this brings a huge benefit to the community, the ecosystem, the producer and the consumer.
  • In our project we offer apprenticeship opportunities for underprivileged teenager apprentices. Teenagers participate in every part of farm: soil preparation, cultivation, maintenance, pruning, harvest, sales, packing and delivery. The goal is that these teens learn how to generate their own income and share the knowledge of agroforestry and the commercialization to their communities.
  • In addition to our agroforestry system, we have free range  chickens and apply composting for all the kitchen and garden leftovers. The compost transforms the kitchen waste into humus for our SAF (Agroforestry System). We have a small greenhouse for the production of seedlings of vegetables, native plants, fruit trees and trees for wood.

Agroforestry volunteering in Eco Caminhos 

Through our volunteer programs, it is possible to collaborate with virtually all processes that are part of agroforestry production, from:

  • Planning: species choices; assembly of consortia; organization of available resources; identify opportunities and challenges.
  • Production: opening of new areas, with fertilization and inputs; preparation of flower beds; planting and irrigation systems.
  • The harvesting and maintenance of areas already implemented.
  • The sales and delivery of the products.

Ecotourism at Eco Caminhos

At Eco Caminhos we offer people, through our ecotourism programs, an immersion in agroforestry. With lectures and workshops, while living in one of the natural build houses in Eco Caminhos.


You can support our project by buying or donating our vegetable and fruit baskets.

Through the purchase of our agroecological basket we can invest in planting more forests, helping more disadvantaged young people, and also include and transform rural producers into forest farmers. If you don’t live nearby but want to help in some way you can donate a basket that we deliver to disadvantaged people in the community