Bioconstruction – Natural building


Why building extraordinary houses?

We have build one of the most modern and advanced bioconstruction houses in South America. We have combined low tec ancient bioconstruction techniques and combined this with modern technology. Our bioconstruction houses preserve the planet while also providing the users with a lot of comfort. Natural houses breath better than conventional constructions and in our view look much better than square houses.

We want people to experience natural rustic bioconstruction housing in the mountains and still have the comfort of any modern designed house. This starts with a design that brings the nature inside your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. If you look from the second floor window it feel like you are in the grass fields but in fact you are watching over the greenroof.


A Glance of the first bioconstruction project


The Engineering

Now the user experience with lots of windows brought a number of challenges. Friburgo has cold winters and warm summers. Cob turned out to be the ideal technique for the bedrooms and toilets. Thick earthen walls and a green roof that accumulate heat during the day and keep a cool indoor climate inside. At night the walls will give off their warmth. For Our living room and kitchen we came up with a double glass and a solar driven floorheating/cooling system and a fireplace for the peaks in winter and extra comfort if needed.

The 2nd priority we set was the eye for detail in finishes. We wanted to combine eco-friendly, rustic with clean finishes. We decided to use recycled train tracks for the wooden structures of the living room and all the windows and doorframes. For the closets and kitchen cupboards we also used recycled wood but all carefully. The rustic wood with the clean finishes turned out to be a eyecatcher.

To Make the picture complete we are installing a domotica system which will automize lighting, heating, watering of the greenroof, ventilation and shading. This will save energy and increase comfort.


Do you want bioconstruction consultancy or want us to build your house?

Areas in which we can provide consultancy:

    • Bioconstruction
    • Greenroof
    • Renewable energy
    • Natural waste water filter
    • Termal insulation
    • Climate controle of buildings
    • Domotica
    • Project Management

You can simply contact us and we reply to you SAP. We can also help you to set up a construction team to build your house anywhere on the planet. Now we can recommend you to come and have a look in Cardinot, Nova friburgo where plenty of land is available. You can participate in the Eco Caminhos proposal and we can build your house for you. Now take in mind that we take bioconstruction very serious and believe that building the house can only become a success if all parties can enjoy doing it. Bioconstruction is time consuming and requires a high qualified and motivated team. In case people contact us for fast and cheap construction projects we will neglect.


The wall of fame

Manager and iniciatior of the project is Bart Bijen. The architects of the project are Pedro Pizarro Villalobos and Jerome Paumen (studioPAS). The construction project leaders where Roger Bijen, David Gonzales, Marcio Cardinot,  & Edson Cardinot. The building team has assisted by a large number of Brazilian and international volunteers who came to learn about bio-construction.