Canadian students build a park in Nova Friburgo school.

Coming from Canada direct to the neighborhood of Cordoeira – participate in an action in local school, build park and participate in bioconstruction and agroforestry project in partnership with ‘Eco Caminhos’.


In partnership with the social program OFFGRID we are pleased to welcome a group of students from sainteanne school in Canada to help us build a playground in a school in Nova Friburgo – Padre Rafael Municipal School, in the Cordoeira neighborhood.

They came to help us with a lot of love, passion, enthusiasm and happiness spreading throughout our community and also giving us a hand in the mass in our permaculture project at Eco Caminhos.
They are from many parts of the globe we have Hungarians, Russians, Spanish, Indians, Chinese, Italians, English and French all together on a mission that began on Monday, 6, where they will remain until March 22.
This is a great opportunity for them to learn a new language like Portuguese and also about different cultures and customs.



Bart points out that the experience is rich for both students coming from other countries and young Brazilians:

“Here they have the opportunity to know a foreign language and understand that young people on the other side of the world are equal, are only from another culture, with different race and language, but have many similar things and make us believe that the world is much smaller than we imagine”.

The financial resources for the construction of the School Park were part of a donation from the students and they are acting as volunteers. It’s a wonderful gesture!

The OFFGRID project is a bilingual project that follows the vision of development of children and young people through humanized sustainable habits and skills.

João Guilherme Wermelinger, dentist who participates in the ‘Off Grid’ project at Padre Rafael school said he is full of expectations:

“I’m sure it will be days of discovery, hope, diversity and inclusions, served by altruism and also empathy”.


The seven young students from different corners of the world are accompanied by a teacher and will also produce a documentary on sustainable tourism, which is part of the completion of their school program.

In addition to the interventions and benefits of the school in Cordoeira, students will have agroforestry experiences, will learn about Bioconstruction, as well as leisure activities such as trails, and walks in waterfalls of the city.


Opportunities like this are extremely important both for young foreigners who come to make an exchange in Brazilian lands and for the young people here, who start to see more possibilities for a better future, the importance of taking care of our environment using sustainable practices for the greater good of the community and the planet in which we live. It is a fact that this immersion will provide a new worldview to these young people and we believe that we are following the right path in search of a better future.