Young Apprentice Program – Rodrigo’s Professional & Personal Development

The Young Apprentice program at Eco Caminhos consists of training young people for the job market as well as stimulating their personal growth. We look for young people who lack access to opportunities for professional development and seek to help out that demographic. Personal growth improves behavioral choices, relationships with others, and self-knowledge. The training and work experience we give apprentices provide practical solutions for the socioeconomic challenges they face.

Since its inception in 2014, social responsibility has always been a fundamental pillar of Eco Caminhos. The apprenticeship program is a core component of this mission and has benefitted numerous apprentices over the years. Here, Bart Bijen (founder and director of Eco Caminhos) talks a little about our most recent Young Apprentice, Rodrigo.

“I’ve known Rodrigo since he was eight. We met at the children’s shelter. He arrived with his brothers [and] he was one of the youngest in the family, very shy and introspective; he was smart and very interested in learning. He never gave us work. ”

“I have many good memories of our time together. When he contacted us to be part of the young apprentice program, I was very happy and excited to receive someone who I have a good relationship with, especially as he was very motivated to participate in the program. What I can say about Rodrigo is that he has grown a lot in maturity and responsibility, commitment and discipline, since he started in our program. ”

“Here we want to prepare young people for the job market. Rodrigo works in the morning and in the afternoon, taking an hour of English class per week plus the house activities with the volunteers. It is a routine that requires discipline and commitment. And in Brazil , you need this to achieve a career and grow professionally. ”

“Rodrigo is doing very well; we are very happy. We thank the sponsor for the opportunity given to this young man. Without their help, this project would not be possible!”

In the following video, Rodrigo tells us a bit about about his life and his journey at Eco Caminhos through the Young Apprentice program. Watch here:

Thank you for reading and watching. By the way, you can help us and people like Rodrigo out by supporting our Young Apprentice Program!

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