Eco Farm in Brazil offers an incredible experience

Experience agroforestry, bioconstruction, hikes in mountains, wild Camping, Horseback riding, waterfalls, campfires and social work for the community.

Eco Caminhos is the place for you if you like active holidays. We allow people to experience life on an eco farm in every possible way. You can learn about agroforestry, organic farming and bioconstruction, go on hikes, do horseback riding, enjoy wild camping in the mountains and build campfires. You interact with the other people here as much as you like. We have weekly meetings and staff nights, we play games, and if you like to join us for a night into town you are more than welcome. Our programme is voluntourism (something between volunteering and ecotourism).

But there is more. Many people come to Eco Caminhos to “discover themselves” and in search of their purpose in life. The beautiful nature, rural tranquility, and manual labour provide an excellent environment to reflect, come at ease, and liberate your mind. We offer a number of packages of which you can choose.

1 Day Eco Farm Touristic Experience 

Eco Tourism Brazil Bioconstruction
Hands-on Eco Farm Experience (1 day)
This day tour will give you a hands-on experience on a Eco Farm that is working towards self-sustainability. You will be able to apply bioconstruction and agroforestry and get an idea about life on a eco farm. RESERVE NOW! R$200 (+/- €50) P.P
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Eco Farm visit and beautiful mountain hike (1 day)
This day tour will give you a chance to get to know the Eco Farm that is working towards self-sustainability followed by a beautiful hike in the mountains arround the farm. You can choose between 2 beautiful hikes. RESERVE NOW! R$200 (+/- €50) P.P
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Family with Children Experience (1 day)
This day tour will give your entire family an unforgetable experience at our Eco Farm. Children can put their hands and feed in clay, milk a cow, do horseback riding, jump in a natural pool or hike up the mountain. RESERVE NOW! R$200 (+/- €50) P.P
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Eco Experience 

For individuals, couples and small families.

Duration: 1 – 8 weeks

Our Eco Experience programme balances volunteering and ecotourism. The programme is designed for people who want to enjoy an authentic, active experience at our eco farm in a beautiful green mountainous area in Brazil. You will be staying with a local Brazilian family, so you can immerse yourself in Brazilian rural culture. You will have the opportunity to practise your Portuguese, learn about local customs, and experience typical Brazilian cuisine. Believe us, Brazilians are very welcoming and the food is delicious! The programme is very flexible. You can work 3 – 5 days per week at the eco farm in bioconstruction and organic farming. Eco Caminhos further organises a number of activities, including: Portuguese classes, hikes, horseback riding, campfires, and sightseeing.


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Eco Group Experience 

For groups starting from 6 people 

Duration: 2 days – 4 weeks

Eco Caminhos has experience receiving groups. The great advantage of the Eco Group Experience is that we customise your programme to your interests. We can organise bioconstruction, organic farming, and permaculture workshops. We can also propose a Caminhos in Action (CIA), a short-term project addressing a specific need in the community. In the past, we have, for example, refurbished the house of an impoverished family over a weekend and built an organic farm at a local school. Of course, we can also organise hikes, horseback riding trips, and camping weekends in the region’s beautiful mountains and parks.


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We can organize your entire stay in Brazil

For you to experience in Brazil to the fullest, we can offer a complete customised tourism package for you in Brazil. We recommend starting your Brazil trip with a language course at our partner school Caminhos Language Centre in Rio de Janeiro, the city’s best and most fun school. In addition to following an intensive Portuguese language programme, you can benefit from all the free activities the school organises on a daily basis. You can do hikes, bicycle tours, beach volleyball, city tours, capoeira, and samba classes. The language school also has its own NGO called Mais Caminhos and works with children from the “favelas” (shantytowns), who come to the school on a daily basis.

We can also organise your stay at Ilha Grande, a beautiful green island off the coast between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. If you love nature, we suggest you go to the amazing Iguaçu waterfalls or spend a few days at an eco-lodge in the Amazon. Just get in touch with us and we can have phone or Skype conversation and plan your entire Brazil experience.