This day tour will give your entire family an unforgettable experience at our Eco Farm. Children can put their hands and feed in clay and in our garden, do a treasure hunt, jump in a natural pool or hike up the mountain.

Incredible Family Experience – Eco Farm Experience

Availability: All year        Duration:  8 – 10 hours            Start: 8 am


What will we be doing?

The day starts off in the town of Nova Friburgo where we will pick you up. You can choose between a hike up in the mountains to the farm or drive up with our pick up. It is a 4 km off-road trip.  At the farm, we will start off with a nice coffee or tea at our naturally built house.

Children can choose from a number of activities:

  1. workshop in bioconstruction
  2. workshop in agroforestry
  3. Hike up the mountain
  4. Horseback riding
  5. Workshop in bread baking
  6. Milking a cow.
  7. In case of rain we watch a nature documentary

Between 12:00 – 13:00 hours you will be served a delicious meal with ingredients from our own organic garden.  At the end of the day, we will have a little snack before we drive you back into town.



Highlights/ Included

  • Children experiencing nature and Eco Farm life
  • A beautiful mountain hike to the Eco Farm (optional)
  • A tour around our beautiful Eco Farm
  • See one of the most beautiful and best build bioconstruction houses of Brazil
  • Hands-on experience in bioconstruction or Agroforestry
  • delicious food prepared with organic ingredients from our own garden
  • Pick up and drop off Nova Friburgo (bus station) – Eco Farm


Not Included 

-It is important to realize that we are not a hotel. There is no room service or television :)


What else should you know

You will be entering a farm where there will be animals like a dog and cows. Be also prepared to walk and work on our farm in the mountains which requires a reasonably good physical condition. Of course we can adjust the program for people with physical limitations.


Transport / Airport Pick-up

We can organize your pick-up from the bus station, airport or from any location in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. Our trusted driver will garantee your safe transport to the Eco Farm. A pick-up from the Nova Friburgo bus-stop is free. Airport pick-up or pick-up from the Rio de Janeiro city is R$ 420 (+/- 100 euros)  But of course you are very welcome to make your own way to the Eco Farm.



R$ 200 (+/- 50 euros) per person.

* Children get a 50% discount.

Our prices are in Brazilian Real. Taxes and fees are included. The prices in US$ and Euros are indicative and the exact amount in US$ or Euro will be calculated on the day of booking.


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