Family with Children Experience

Incredible Family Experience – Eco Farm Experience

Availability: All year        Duration:  4-7 days        Start: flexible


What will you be doing?

We offer you and your family the opportunity to experience life on an Eco Farm. It’s not a fancy farm holiday but you get to experience what it means to live on a permaculture farm. We prepare a program adjusted for both the young and old. You will be able to put your hands in the dirt in our organic garden, do agroforestry, and bioconstruction projects. Theoretical and practical workshops are included for the parents.  And to complete the experience you can participate in hikes up to the incredible mountain peaks around the farm. Depending on your interests, there are additional options possible like wild camping in the mountains, campfires, bread baking workshops, and a tour of the region. At the farm, you will meet the people of our international community.

Children can choose from a number of activities:

  • workshop in bioconstruction
  • workshop in agroforestry
  • Hike up the mountain
  • Horseback riding
  • Treasure hunt
  • Workshop in bread making
  • Prepare a meal with ingredients picked from own garden
  • Feed the chicken and pick eggs
  • In case of rain, we watch a nature documentary


Where will you be staying?

We offer homestay accommodation with the Bijen family (founders) or our Bioconstructed House (Eco Lodge), one of the most beautiful bioconstructed houses in Brazil. At the Bijen family, you will stay at a beautiful bioconstruction house on top of the mountain and you will have the entire top floor for yourself. It has 1 larger and 1 smaller bedroom and a bathroom. From your bedroom, you have incredible views over the farm and the Atlantic forest.

The Eco Lodge is a 142 m2  natural building villa. It has a kitchen, living room, terrace, green roof, garage, 3 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. It is designed for tourism. The house is even more integrated into the landscape than the Colmeia house. We wanted the green roof to literally merge into the grasslands around the house. Just like in our Colmeia project, we used cob as the main building technique simply because it, in our experience, makes for the most beautiful results. It allows us to build in any form. We’ve also chosen to use a lot of windows -the Eco Lodge will have even more windows than Colmeia! People want to soak in the beauty of nature from inside the house. It is also healthier and more sustainable and energy-efficient to use natural light instead of electricity for lighting up your house. The Eco Lodge is another example of how we can naturally build outstanding houses. We want to show that it is possible to substitute modern conventional houses with naturally built houses. We achieve the same levels of user comfort and also surpass conventional houses on various fronts. You will be offered ingredients from our organic garden. We emphasize on healthy food.



Highlights / Included

  • Children experiencing nature and Eco Farm life
  • Homestay at beautiful bioconstruction mountain house with incredible views
  • Horsebackriding and hikes in the mountains around the Eco Farm
  • A tour around our beautiful Eco Farm
  • See one of the most beautiful and advanced bioconstructed houses in South America
  • A presentation on how we apply permaculture in our farm
  • Hands-on experience in bioconstruction and Agroforestry
  • Private room and accommodation
  • Full board: delicious food prepared with organic ingredients from our garden
  • Pick up and drop off in Nova Friburgo (bus station) – Eco Farm


What else you should know

You will be entering a farm where there will be animals like a dog, chickens, and cows. Be prepared to walk around our farm and in the mountains which requires a reasonably good physical condition.

Transport/Airport Pickup

You can choose to make your own way to the Eco Farm. For people who come by public transport, we can pick people up from the Nova Friburgo bus station at no additional cost. In case you need transport from Rio de Janeiro to Nova Friburgo, we can organize your transfer (one way) for R$900 for up to 4 people with our trusted driver.


Periodprices in BRLPrices in US$Prices in EUR
4 days / 3 nightsR$ 1.550$ 308.37 *€ 292,66 *
5 days / 4 nightsR$ 1.800$ 358.11 *€ 339,86 *
6 days / 5 nightsR$ 2.000$ 397.90 *€ 377,62 *
7 days / 6 nightsR$ 2.150$ 427.74 *€ 405,94 *

* Children get a 50% discount.

Our prices are in Brazilian Real. Taxes and fees are included. The prices in US$ and Euros are estimates and the exact amount in US$ or Euro will be calculated on the day of booking.