Hike, Camp & Eco Farm

Visit our Eco Farm and camp in the mountains

Availability: All year        Duration:  2-3 days        Start: flexible

What will you be doing?

We offer you the opportunity to experience incredible hikes and wild camping in the mountains of the 3-Picos reserve. We have different categories of hikes. We also have all the basic camping gear. Tents, sleeping bags, and a cooking set. Our guide knows all the different hikes in the region. Depending on your interests there are additional options possible like wild camping in the mountains, campfire, bread baking workshops, and a tour of the region.

Ideally, you arrive before lunchtime at the Eco Farm. Between 12:00 – 13:00 hours you will be served a delicious meal with ingredients from our organic garden. After lunch, we will pack and start our hike in the mountains. Most hikes start from the Eco Farm. In case you choose the “Três Picos” hike we drive about an hour then walk about 45 minutes to the camping area. Once we arrive at the peaks or camping area we set camp and serve a meal. If the weather allows and we can find wood we will set a nice campfire. In the morning we can wake up to see the sunset, have breakfast, and walk down. Back at the Eco Farm, we offer a nice warm meal with ingredients of our garden. After lunch, there is the option to do agroforestry with both a theoretical presentation and a chance to stick your hands in the dirt. At 16:00 we offer a little snack. People who booked for 2 days will be guided back to Nova Friburgo. For the people who book for 3 days can participate in our volunteer night and meet the entire Eco farm community. The next morning after breakfast we will have a bioconstruction workshop with a presentation and an opportunity to stick your hands in the dirt again. At noon we serve another delicious meal after which you have the option to choose between agroforestry or bioconstruction. At 16:00 hours we offer a little snack after which we bring you back to Nova Friburgo to take the bus, transport, or make your own way home.


You choose the hike

When you contact us we will discuss the different hiking options. For the 2-3 day program we have 4 possible hikes and wild camp options:

Peak: Piramide  –  height: 1486 m  –  distance:  2,5 km –  time: 1,5 – 2 hourscategory: average

If you are not used to hikes in the mountains we can recommend you the “Pirâmide hike” which is a short but steep hike (1 – 1,5 hours)

Peak: Chapeu de Bruxa  –  height: 1450 m  –  distance: 6 kmtime: 2 – 3 hourscategory: advanced

A bit further than the Piramide peak is the Chapeu da Bruxa. It is a beautiful hike. It does have a small area with a chain to climb the final part of the peak. We usually take rope for safety.

Peak: Cabeça do dragão  –  height: 2082m  – distance: 8 km  – time: 4 – 5 hourscategory: advanced

This is our best hike in the region. hikes from all over Brazil come for this hike. Different from the other hikes we need a 45-minute drive by car to the foot of the mountain. We then walk up to a specific camping location where we stay overnight. We walk the next day up to the “Cabeça de Dragão.

Peak: Caledonia  –  height: 2255m  – distance: 8 km  – time: 4 – 5 hourscategory: easy

This is the highest peak with possibly the most beautiful view. Still, it is our easiest hike as we can drive very close to the peak. The difficulty is the 630 steps we have to climb up to the peak. The absolute highlight is to camp on the peak and see the sunset.


Included / Highlights 

  • Choose one of 4 hikes with a 360-degree view over the mountains covered with the Atlantic rain forest.
  • Wild camping on top of the beautiful mountains and seeing the sunset.
  • delicious meals prepared with organic ingredients from our garden.
  • Basic Camping gear including tent, sleeping bags, and cooking gear.
  • Stay at one of the most beautiful and best build bioconstruction houses of Latin America
  • An agroforestry workshop
  • A bioconstruction workshop (if you book 3 days)
  • WiFi on the farm

Not Included 

  • It is important to realize that we are not a hotel. There is no room service or television 🙂
  • Hiking clothing.


What else should you know

You will be entering a farm where there will be animals like a dog, chicken, and cows. Be also prepared to walk in the mountains which requires a reasonably good physical condition. Of course, we can adjust the program for people with physical limitations.


Transport / Airport Pick-up

We can organize your pick-up from the bus station, airport, or from any location in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. Our trusted driver will guarantee your safe transport to the Eco Farm. A pick-up from the Nova Friburgo bus stop is free. Airport pick-up or pick-up from the Rio de Janeiro city is R$900. But of course, you are very welcome to make your own way to the Eco Farm.


PeriodPrices in BRLPrices in US$Prices in EUR
2 dias / 1 noitesR$ 1.000$ 202.49 *€ 185,24 *
3 dias / 2 noitesR$ 1.300$ 263.23 *€ 240,81 *

* Children get a 50% discount.

Our prices are in Brazilian Real. Taxes and fees are included. The prices in US$ and Euros are indicative and the exact amount in US$ or Euro will be calculated on the day of booking.