Petrópolis-Teresópolis Crossing

Guided Petrópolis-Teresópolis Crossing

Availability: April – September       Duration:  4-7 days        Start: flexible


What will you be doing?

The Petrópolis-Teresópolis crossing is considered by many the most beautiful hike in Brazil.

The crossing is approximately 30 km long and requires physical training and adequate equipment. An experienced guide is necessary, mainly for the stretch between Castelos de Açú and Pedra do Sino. Depending on your physical condition the cross can be done in either 2 or 3 days. There are 2 locations to sleep either in tents or lodging in the mountains.


Plan for the Petrópolis-Teresópolis crossing

Day 1 

Arrival in Petropolis – Park Entrance

We recommend people to stay overnight in Petrópolis close to the park entrance. This because you want to start your first day early in the morning. You will have all day to arrive at your accommodation close to the park entrance. We can organize transport for you or you can get to Petropolis with public transport and take a taxi or uber from the bus stop to the accommodation. Our guide will meet you at the accommodation.


Day 2 

TrajectoryPetropolis Castelo do Açú height: 2245 m  distance:  7 km –  time: 6 hours –  difficulty: advanced

Start with breakfast at the accommodation followed by instructions from your guide. Next, walk to the entrance of the park where you will be presented to the guards and need to sign for your entrance into the park. The first-day hike will go up to Pedra de Açu.

The trail to Castelo do Açu is considered difficult because of the great altitude variation. It starts at the Park’s entrance (about 1,100m of altitude), arriving at 2,245m at Pedra do Açú. The walk is relatively short (just over 7 km long) but takes about 6 hours for the average climber.

At Castelo do Açu it is possible to see Rio de Janeiro.


Day 3 

TrajectoryPedra do Açú – Pedra do Sino height: 2263 m  distance:  12 km –  time: 7 hours

After the spectacle of the sunrise behind Serra dos Órgãos, the second day of hiking begins. In this section, the presence of an experienced guide is indispensable. Climbers frequently get lost especially on days with excessive fog.

This is the most spectacular day where you will walk to Morro do Marco, Vale da Luva, Morro do Elevador, Morro do Dinosauro, and Pedra do Garrafão to reach Pedra do Sino. There are many obstacles to overcome. There is a steep downhill, an iron staircase to climb, and mountain edges to pass.

The views are absolutely astonishing.

Depending on the time of arrival at this point, you can choose to climb to the summit or descend to mount camp or settle in the Pedra do Sino shelter. It is prohibited to camp on the Pedra do Sino peak.

The climb to the Pedra do Sino at night is highly recommended, especially in good weather conditions. The view of Rio de Janeiro at night is amazing and well worth the walk.


Day 4 

Trajectory Pedra do Sino – Teresopolis height: 869 m  distance:  11 km –  time: 7 hours

The third-day trail only includes descending from Pedra do Sino to the Parnaso Teresópolis Venue. The trail is made up of 11 km of relatively smooth descent with beautiful views of the Teresópolis county and Três Picos State Park.

Below 2000 meters, the vegetation begins to change. The high-altitude fields are replaced by a nebular forest, with lots of bromeliads and orchids.

During the descent, you will walk by two waterfalls, most notably, the Véu da Noiva Waterfall in Teresópolis with a 16-meter fall.


Day 5-7 

For those who want to experience our Eco Farm, we drive you a bit over 1 hour to the Eco Farm where we can offer you a really nice introduction to permaculture, bioconstruction, and agroforestry. To understand how these days can look like you can see our 2-3 day program at the farm 


Included / Highlights 

  • Safety equipment – Professional Guide
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Collective First Aid Kit
  • Tickets to National Park
  • Shelter and kitchen equipment
  • Food
  • Sleeping bag and trekking poles


Not Included 

  • Hiking clothing and rucksack.
  • Transport


What to bring?

  • Comfortable shoes and clothes for Hiking
  • Hat
  • Light Snacks
  • Hydration Backpack / Pack
  • Repellent
  • Water bottle


Transport / Airport Pick-up

We can organize your pick-up from the bus station, airport, or from any location in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. Our trusted driver will guarantee your safe transport to Petropolis. A pick-up from the Nova Friburgo bus stop is free. Airport pick-up or pick-up from the city of  Rio de Janeiro is R$900. But of course, you are very welcome to make your own way to the accommodation in Petropolis.


PeriodPrices in BRLPrices in US$Prices in EUR
4 days / 3 nightsR$ 3.700$ 749.20 *€ 685,39 *
5 days / 4 nightsR$ 4.200$ 850.44 *€ 778,01 *
6 days / 5 nightsR$ 4.600$ 931.44 *€ 852,10 *
7 days / 6 nightsR$ 4.900$ 992.18 *€ 907,68 *

Our prices are in Brazilian Real. Taxes and fees are included. The prices in US$ and Euros are estimates and the exact amount in US$ or Euro will be calculated on the day of booking.