Volunteer at an Eco Farm in Brazil

Short-term volunteering at Eco Caminhos is an excellent way to gain practical skills and experience in eco-farming, bioconstruction and permaculture. At our eco farm, located in the scenic Brazilian mountains, you will live and work with people from all around the world. Living in a rustic setting, you will have the opportunity to make lifelong friends while learning the Portuguese language. The short-term programme is ideal for people who have limited time for a long-term immersion or lack the skills to join our long-term programme from the start. In case you do well, you could be invited for the long-term programme.


What will your average day look like?

Short-term volunteers will work approximately 24 hours 3 days a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays are off. Volunteers can choose between bioconstruction and organic farming. After your work day and on your weekends, you are free to do as you please. Many of our volunteers use their weekends to explore Nova Friburgo or Rio de Janeiro.

Once a week the people of Eco Caminhos unite in the evening to socialize. During these volunteer nights we usually cook together or make a fire outside, but all suggestions are welcome. What matters is that we spend time together.



Where will you be staying? 

We have 2 volunteer houses. One for 6 volunteers and the other for 7 volunteers. The accommodation are basic and include the following facilities:

– Rooms for 2 to 3 volunteers

– Small kitchen

– Living room

– Washing machine

– WiFi (during rainy season internet is out frequently)


Airport Transfer

To guarantee your safe and comfortable arrival our trusted driver from Nova Friburgo, Patrique, can pick you and leave you at the Eco Caminhos doorstep. He will wait for you in the arrival hall with a small name plate. Patrique charges only R$ 330 (approx 100 US$), which is a very sharp price for Brazil. We can also arrange for you to be dropped off at a specific location on your day of departure.



Periodprices in BRLPrices in US$Prices in EUR
6 weeksR$ 3,500$ 1,117€ 935
7 weeksR$ 4,300$ 1,372€ 1,148
8 weeksR$ 5,000$ 1,595€ 1,335
9 weeksR$ 5,600$ 1,787€ 1,496
10 weeksR$ 6,150$ 1,962€ 1,643
11 weeksR$ 6,700$ 2,137€ 1,790
12 weeksR$ 7,200$ 2,297€ 1,923

* Our prices are in Brazilian Real and are exclusive of tax. The prices in US$ and Euros are indicative and the exact amount in US$ or Euro will be calculated on the day of booking.






    • Basic accommodation (shared room)
    • Basic food
    • Bioconstruction and organic farming at Eco Caminhos
    • 1 activity per week, including hikes, horseback riding, campfires,and camping in the mountains *
    • 1 Portuguese class per week (more on request)
    • Participate in volunteer nights, including board games, cinema, and campfires.

* You pay for your own transport and entrance fee, if applicable


Not Included

    • Cleaning of your room and the volunteer house is your responsibility
    • Food preparation: You will participate in the cooking schedule
    • Airport transfer
    • We do not charge for any activity, however, in case activities involve costs for transport, entrance fees, food, accommodation or administration you are expected to cover these yourself.