Light Rehab Program

Eco Farm Rehabilitation in Brazil

Eco Caminhos is a farm in Brazil that promotes recovery for people with mental health and related challenges through meaningful work and community living. Located on the outskirts of the Três Picos (“Three Peaks”) State Park, our beautiful setting in the mountains of the Atlantic Forest creates the ideal setting for mental health recovery. We receive people with depression, anxiety, stress, burn-out syndrome, rumination, and self-efficacy. People participate in the farm’s routine, eat healthy food, and participate in activities such as hikes, campfires, game nights, camping, and horseback riding. We take you back to the basics.

Over the years, we have received several people with mental health issues who recovered successfully. The success of recovery farms has recently been studied, indicating incredible results. Read more about this research done at Norwegian farms.



Community setting

Our community consists of local and international staff and volunteers. We live and work together and have weekly meetings where we discuss work, life, and our differences, always emphasizing respectful communication. We offer people the chance to become a true part of the Eco Caminhos community. Our setting is simple, so people can concentrate on what really matters in life. In our experience, many of our clients feel relieved to be far away from the setting where they feel things went awry. A new, refreshing environment, in the middle of nature, with constructive and individualized feedback and support.


Personalized feedback and support

Each client will be guided throughout the program, from their first day to their last. Frequent chats and weekly feedback sessions by our experienced director and founder provide a structure for personal exploration, understanding, and being able to comfortably talk through problems without judgement or pressure. Once the client feels more comfortable in the program and sees themselves improving, chats will reduce in frequency since the ultimate goal is your recovery and independence.

Our general coordinator Dutra is responsible for your well being and of all the people living at the farm. He is responsible for shopping, maintenance and other requirements related to accommodation and food.

Personal Recovery Stories:

Healthy food

We grow our own organic food and all participants rotate in a cooking schedule. If someone does not know how to cook, there is no need to worry. The client will start by assisting others until they acquire the skills to cook independently.


Structured farming and bioconstruction work

We believe that structure is an essential component to healthy living and our experience has shown us, time and time again, that people who struggle with mental health and related issues tend to have either maladapted and/or unsustainable structures or none at all. At Eco Caminhos, we will bring your life back to the basics and provide a steady routine that you can depend on. Our day starts at 7 am and ends at 4 pm, with a one-hour lunch break at noon. We wake up early, work on the farm, eat healthy food, and enjoy time with on another as equal members of the same team. Depending on the interests of the candidate, one can choose to participate in bioconstruction, agroforestry, and/or organic farming. There are no deadlines; we only expect people to be motivated and do their best.


Accommodation options

Depending on your specific needs, we can offer 2 housing options. Option 1 is staying in the volunteer house and living with other volunteers and workers that are already accustomed to the routine of the farm. This is an ideal environment for those who feel comfortable enough to share and live with others from day 1. The alternative option is doing a homestay with the Bijen family. The Bijen family has over 12 years of experience in social work with youth and volunteers. You will have a private room, prepared food, and personal attention from the family. The accommodation is really incredible and this is certainly a more comfortable way to start. After 4 weeks of homestay and having had the chance to get used to the routine, the farm, and the people, you should hopefully be ready to move to the volunteer house in order to progress towards the goal of recovery and independence.


What your week at Eco Caminhos could look like:

Time MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday Friday
6 AMBreakfastBreakfastBreakfastBreakfastBreakfast
7 AM - 12 AMBioconstructionOrganic FarmingBioconstructionActivity (hike, horseback riding or tourism)Organic Farming
12 AM - 1 PMLunch / BreakLunch / BreakLunch / BreakLunch / BreakLunch / Break
1 PM - 4 PMBioconstruction workOrganic FarmingOrganic FarmingActivity (hike, horseback riding or tourism)Organic Farming
5 PMChat with BuddyChat with BuddyChat with Buddy and CoordinatorChat with BuddyChat with Buddy
7 PMDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerDinner
8 - 10 PM Portuguese ClassGames NightFree TimeBrazilian CinemaCampfire

*There is one additional activity on the weekend. Your buddy is available 24/7.



We have a few very simple criteria to be able to join the program:

  • Enjoy nature and getting your hands dirty
  • Being open to feedback, recognizing your problem(s), and willingness to get better
  • Motivation to participate in the structure of the program
  • Unfortunately, we can not accommodate people with substance use disorders (e.g., drug or alcohol addiction) as we lack the proper resources to deal with these particular challenges.


Prices (all-inclusive)

Periodprices in BRLPrices in US$Prices in EUR
4 weeksR$ 10,000$ 1,913.56 *€ 1.817,42 *
5 weeksR$ 11,500$ 2,200.60 *€ 2.090,04 *
6 weeksR$ 13,000$ 2,487.63 *€ 2.362,65 *
7 weeksR$ 14,500$ 2,774.67 *€ 2.635,26 *
8 weeksR$ 16,000$ 3,061.70 *€ 2.907,87 *
9 weeksR$ 17,000$ 3,253.06 *€ 3.089,62 *
10 weeksR$ 18,000$ 3,444.41 *€ 3.271,36 *
11 weeksR$ 19,000$ 3,635.77 *€ 3.453,10 *
12 weeksR$ 19,500$ 3,731.45 *€ 3.543,97 *

* In case you choose homestay for the first 4 weeks, we charge an extra R$ 8.000,00.

Our prices are in Brazilian Real and include tax. The prices in $USD and Euros are estimates and the exact amount in $USD or Euros will be calculated on the day of booking.


Included in the rehabilitation program

  •  Accommodation & Food
  •  Personalized guidance by founder and director
  •  Learning about bioconstruction, agroforestry, and organic farming
  •  Activities: hiking, cinema, camping, visiting tourist sites.

Not included in the rehabilitation program

  • Guidance of a psychologist or psychiatrist – this is optional but can be provided at an additional cost
  • “Luxuries”
  • Health insurance – people are expected to have an international health insurance policy

Airport Transfer

To guarantee your safe and comfortable arrival, our trusted driver from Nova Friburgo, Dutra, can pick you up and drop you off at the Eco Caminhos doorstep. He will wait for you in the arrival hall with a small nameplate. Dutra charges only R$580. We can also arrange for you to be dropped off at a different specific location on your day of departure, if you prefer.

Safety & health care

There is no need to be concerned about safety. We live in a very safe rural community where crime is close to zero. We can organize airport transfers for you with our trusted driver. In case of an emergency, we can drive people to the private hospital located just 15 minutes from the eco farm. We expect you to come with your own health insurance.

Join our program

These are the steps to follow in order to join our program.

  1. Contact us
  2. We organize an intake call
  3. The client makes a US$ 200 deposit
  4. Detailed call with the manager
  5. The client receives a detailed program and manual
  6. Travel preparations