Volunteer Interviews

Volunteer Testimonials

“Eco Caminhos is not just a place to volunteer, it is a place to experience a different way of life. I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable in my home away from home. I enjoyed meeting such amazing people and learning about their different backgrounds and reasons for joining the Eco Caminhos family. Working on the Eco-farm and learning about bio construction was a nice change from my regular life. In my time there I learned that happiness should always come first”– Raelle, Canada

“A super project. People committed to nature, truth, and life in this beautiful land. Dear companions and partners.”– Mirtes, Nova Friburgo

“Excellent ethos and driven by people with true passion, cannot recommend enough!” – Joel, UK

“Amazing experience! Life, culture, concept, landscape, food, friendship, collaboration, volunteering… you come back from there different. And wanting to go back”– Robson, Brasil

“Pure Nature, good energy, tranquility, total harmony  -Tania, Brasil