Are you looking for a meaningful and adventurous way to spend your time in Brazil? Do you want to learn new skills, make new friends, and contribute to a better world? If so, Eco Caminhos might be the perfect place for you to volunteer in Brazil!

Eco Caminhos is an Eco Farm situated in the mountains of Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro. We are a group of idealists who share a vision of living in harmony with nature and each other. We practice permaculture, bioconstruction, agroforestry and we offer various opportunities for volunteers, tourists, and apprentices to join us.

Agroforesty / Sintropic Agriculture
Learn everything about agroforestry. We have systems from 1 – 6 years old and over 1.5 hectares planted with approximately 8000 trees. Learn to plant, maintain and harvest your own forrests.
We apply Permaculture in various disciplines such as agroforestry, water management, sustainable energy, natural building, animal systems, economics, and waste management.
Eco Tourism
Enjoy  hikes, mountain bike tours, waterfall tours, and visit the touristic sites in the region.
Volunteer in Brazil
Join our incredible volunteer program. Have a life changing experience.
Experience hands on bioconstruction at Eco Caminhos. We have close to 10 years of natural building experience. Eco Caminhos has built among the best bioconstructions in South America.
Apprenticeship Program
Eco Caminhos offers apprenticeship programs for underprivileged Brazilians. Our apprenticeship program transforms lives.
Organic Food
At Eco Caminhos you will be served meals from our own organic production. We offer vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk and meat.

Ecotourism in Brazil

Ecotourism in Brazil

1 – 7 days
  • Experience work and life on an Eco Farm
  • Stay in Incredible Natural Build Eco Lodge
  • Workshops in Permaculture, Agroforestry and Bioconstruction
  • Option to personalize program
  • Eco Sport & Tourism
  • Warm lunch with organic ingredients
Short-term Volunteering

Short-term Volunteering

1 – 12 weeks
  • Experience work and life on an Eco Farm
  • Grow physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Learn Permaculture, Agroforestry & Bioconstruction
  • Basic, Comfort or Luxury Accommodation
  • Eco Sports
  • Warm lunch with organic ingredients
Apprenticeship Program in Agroforestry and Bioconstruction

Apprenticeship Program in Agroforestry and Bioconstruction

1 – 24 weeks
  • Apprenticeship on a Permaculture Farm
  • Balance Hands-on work with Research
  • Learn Agroforestry & Bioconstruction
  • Basic, Comfort or Luxury Accommodation
  • Warm lunch with organic ingredients
Long-term Volunteering

Long-term Volunteering

+1 year
  • Become skilled in Agroforestry & Bioconstruction
  • Grow physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Take on more responsibilities
  • Live with Brazilian Crew
  • Learn Portuguese
  • Live in basic conditions
Group Experience Eco Farm in Brazil

Group Experience Eco Farm in Brazil

1 day – 2 weeks
  • Customized program
  • Luxury or basic accommodation
  • Eco Sport Activities
  • Social Impact Event
  • Full Board + organic ingredients
Light Rehab Program

Light Rehab Program

1 week – 3 months
  • Healthy life in nature – back to basics
  • Clear working and eating routine
  • Eco Sport Activities
  • Personal buddy 24h
  • Homestay or volunteer house

Based on 98 reviews
June 3, 2024
I spent 3 months at Eco Caminhos and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. As it was my first time volunteering abroad, I was extremely nervous, but felt at ease after meeting everyone and feeling the relaxed and vibrant energy of the community. Throughout my time there, I appreciated the structure of the program and the balance between volunteering days, free days, and organized activity days (hiking, biking, sightseeing with a guide - these days were especially fun). I also enjoyed the overall active, but laid-back simple lifestyle of living on an Eco Farm while waking up to breathtaking views every day. The Volunteer Houses are not in the best shape, though the website is mostly clear about what you should expect. However, there are fabulous new accommodations on the way (their current bioconstruction project - as a volunteer it’s been so cool to be involved in helping build it and witness the progress!) Bart’s excellent weekly presentations in agroforestry and bioconstruction were interesting and informed the meaning behind the work we did on the farm. I’m so appreciative of the patient and kind staff that were always open to questions when I struggled with certain techniques. Eco Caminhos is a wonderful model of permaculture and sustainability. If you participate in this program, you’ll realize that you get out of it what you put into it. It’s best to mentally prepare yourself for physically demanding work and constant movement throughout the day - you won’t always be comfortable, but you’ll slowly adjust and your body and mind will become stronger for it. I feel privileged to have met such amazing and passionate people while participating in this beautiful project.
April 15, 2024
Ad EcoCaminhos ho trascorso 2 settimane meravigliose! Due settimane dove ho conosciuto gente stupenda, con molta voglia di fare, e molto preparata. Ho imparato molto, con un giusto bilancio di teoria, pratica e divertimento. Il tutto, a diretto contatto con la foresta pluviale Brasiliana. Non potevo chiedere di meglio. Altamente consigliato!
April 11, 2024
Eco Caminhos kann ich sehr empfehlen. Ein tolles Projekt, welches sich im Bereich "Permakultur, Bioconstruction und Agroforestry" engagiert.
March 13, 2024
We spent an incrivel information-day at Ecocaminos and are very impressed by the vision of the people there. And they are truly living their great vision! A great example!
February 19, 2024
Incrível incrível!!! Pessoas incríveis!!! Ter a oportunidade, de conhecer e crescer em prol da natureza, da vida e do futuro e sentir-se em família!?! realmente é um previlégio. Vale muito trazer a família e ter essa experiência!!
January 31, 2024
Fiquei muito satisfeita com a experiência, tanto que pretendo retornar para mais atividades. Gostaria de ficar um período maior de tempo, pois uma semana (tempo de férias) foi pouco. Acomodação no Eco Lodge foi maravilhosa. Recomendo. A cesta de produtos foi mais que o informado inicialmente. Equipe parceira, atenciosa, atendimento nota 1.000. Bart, proprietário do Eco Caminhos tem um comprometimento impecável, tem didática para as palestras, tem entusiasmo, tem visão de futuro e lidera o time muito bem.
December 12, 2023
I really enjoyed my stay at Eco Caminhos. I stayed there for a month. They have many activities on the schedule split between agroforestry, bioconstruction and fun events like hiking. I went there to learn more about agroforestry and have to say that I learned a lot in just a month. The practical experience of working in a farm along with the understanding of concepts of Syntropic agriculture was immensly rewarding.
November 27, 2023
As part of my sabbatical at Asana, I joined The Rainforest Club to spend time reforest and protect the Mata Atlantica in Brasil. In this capacity we visited Bart @ Eco Caminhos and received a very open and heartful welcome. Bart has been focused on rainforest protection agroforestry and bio-construction for more than 9 years. We were able to learn plentiful from his experience and received a deep insight into his work. I would recommend Barts project for anyone who wants to spend their time for protecting and rebuilding the rainforest. If you would like to spend time on the farm his bio-constructed villa is a dream for any group to spend an unforgettable time. Thank you Bart for your openness and insights. Thomas from The Rainforest Club
November 24, 2023
Our experience at EcoCaminhos was extremely nourishing and eye opening. I visited with my wife and 6-year-old daughter. We have been studying agroecology, agroforestry, and bioconstruction for some time, mainly online, but also with some practical experiences. However, to experience the daily life of a functioning, productive farm which uses agroforestry principles stimulated us on a whole other level. We are able to participate in the planting and pruning process, together with an intense overview of the theory. Emilia loved feeding the chickens, the bioconstructions and playing with the kids. We left after just over 48 hours feeling like we had been away for a long time. Our thanks go out to Bart, Eliane and Maria for making us feel welcome from the off and always being open for an exchange of ideas. They are all clearly really dedicated to the project. Thanks also to all the workers and volunteers whose hard work and input make the whole place flourish.
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