Experience an Eco Farm in Brazil


Eco Experience on a Farm in Brazil

Eco Experience
(1-8 weeks)

Eco Experience is a programme for people who want to submerge themselves in an authentic rural experience and disconnect from our crazy world. Eco Caminhos offers you the possibility to participate in bioconstruction, organic farming and a number of activities including Portuguese classes, hikes, campfires ...
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learn about farming and bioconstruction at Eco Farm Brazil

Short-term volunteering
(6 – 12 weeks)

Short-term volunteering at Eco Caminhos is an excellent way to gain practical skills & experience in eco-farming, bioconstruction & permaculture. Located in the scenic Brazilian mountains, you will work and live with people from all around the world. Living in a rustic setting, you will ...
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carpentry natural building in brazil

Long-term volunteering
(+1 year)

Long-term volunteering is an excellent opportunity for people who are seriously thinking of changing their lives, spend time in nature, produce your own food, build your own bioconstruction house and generate your own energy. We offer a new approach to volunteering and employment. People are ...
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Mission – Permaculture

Eco Caminhos wants to become a role model in Brazil and beyond when it comes to social development and sustainable building and living. We follow the permaculture principles. We live in harmony with nature and produce our own food and energy while the land grows in richness, productivity, and aesthetic beauty. We treat our own waste, generate our own energy, and train underprivileged youth.

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What makes our farm so special?

At Eco Caminhos we offer people the chance to experience life on our eco farm and to actively participate in all aspects of it, no matter how short your stay might be. You will be fully included, because we want you to feel part of Eco Caminhos. People who join us learn about bioconstruction, farming, nature, the organisational culture and, above all, about themselves. It is also a great place to make friends from around the world.









Eco Caminhos News

“A place where if you’re in a knot, you can find relief and clarity”: A personal account of rehabilitation at a Brazilian eco farm

Currently, I am 21 years old and I have been working for Eco Caminhos for 9 months. I was born ...
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Uma ilha na montanha

Quando se chega em Nova Friburgo, no estado do Rio de Janeiro, e pergunta às pessoas como ir até o ...
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Qual tragédia te representa? Ou, qual tragédia a mídia te faz representar?

O papel do jornalismo é – ou deveria ser –, segundo o jornalista Claudio Abramo, a prática diária da inteligência ...
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Círculos de convivência definem adoção de hábitos sustentáveis, mostra pesquisa

Os hábitos e o exemplo de amigos, parentes e colegas de trabalho são determinante para a adoção de atitudes relacionadas ...
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organic farming

Our mission is to become fully self-sustaining in food. We cultivate fruits, vegetables and legumes organically. Soon we want to start a chicken farm.
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We want to ensure you a carefree safe experience. Our Eco Farm is situated in a very calm and friendly neighbourhood. Our staff and volunteers are carefully selected and screened. We offer you airport transfer service.
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Climate change

Climate change is possibly the biggest challenge of our era. At Eco Caminhos we believe that by setting the good example others will follow. And to preserve our planet is fun and feels good.
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Renewable Energy

Eco Caminhos has the objective to become self-sustaining in energy. We already started to use solar energy and our aim is to become energy neutral by 2020.
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Permaculture as our guide

We work together, share knowledge and grow as human beings

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