Experience a Permaculture Eco Farm in Brazil

Welcome to Eco Caminhos a self-sustaining Eco Farm situated in the beautiful Atlantic Forest mountain region in Brazil. We invite people from across the globe to join us and experience our simplistic lifestyle in a peaceful setting disconnected from the hectic world. At the farm we follow the permaculture principles and you can learn about and practice bioconstruction (natural building), agroforestry (syntrophic farming) and renewable energy. In your free time you can share a nice healthy meal at a campfire, go hiking or do horseback riding in the mountains, jump under one of the amazing waterfalls or do a nice board game with the other residents. We offer you Portuguese classes and the possibility to live at the farm with other residents or submerge yourself in the local culture and language by doing a homestay with local families.


Choose your preferred programme

We offer a number of different programs to volunteer in Brazil adjusted to everyone’s interests and availability:

Eco Tourism (1 day – 7 days)

Eco Experience (1 week – 4 weeks)

Short-term volunteering (4 – 12 weeks)

Long-term volunteering – 100% Free (+1 year)


group experience Brazil nature

Eco Group Experience in Brazil (1 day – 2 weeks)

Eco Caminhos receives groups from around the world, offering customised programmes that allow groups to experience what a self-sustaining eco farm is all about, while exploring the region’s rich flora and fauna. Eco Caminhos is situated in the beautiful mountains of the Atlantic Forest on ...
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Eco Experience on a Farm in Brazil

Eco Experience Brazil (1 – 4 weeks)

  Living in our eco farm with a local family If you are a nature lover and believe in the need to connect and care for it, the Eco Experience program is right for you. Eco Caminhos is located in Cardinot, a beautiful rural neighborhood ...
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Short-Term Volunteering (4 – 12 weeks)

Eco Caminhos is an eco farm in Brazil, situated in the beautiful mountains of Nova Fribugo, where we work with bioconstruction, organic farming, and permaculture. We offer volunteers the chance to become a part of our project and live in our international community, while enjoying nature ...
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Our Video


Misson – Permaculture

Eco Caminhos wants to become a role model in Brazil and beyond when it comes to social development and sustainable building and living. We follow the permaculture principles, living in harmony with nature. We treat our waste and produce our own food and energy, while the land grows in richness, productivity and aesthetic beauty. Eco Caminhos is also dedicated to training underprivileged youth.

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What free activities can you expect?


What makes our farm so special 

At Eco Caminhos we offer people the chance to experience life on our eco farm.  You actively participate in all aspects of it, no matter how short your stay might be. We want you to feel part of Eco Caminhos. People who join us learn about bioconstruction, farming, permaculture, and, above all, about themselves. It is also a great place to make friends from around the world.



Eco Caminhos news

Kennedy | Canadian reports her experience in our rehabilitation program

The three months I spent at Eco Caminhos was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. The combination ...
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Brazilian teenager starts free apprenticeship program at our Eco Farm

Cleiton started an apprenticeship program at our Eco Farm a couple of weeks ago. Cleiton is 20 years old and ...
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Eco Experience | The unforgettable camping in Três Picos State Park

The routine of a volunteer here at Eco Caminhos is not only about bioconstruction, organic agriculture, and agroforestry, but we ...
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Interview | Maria found much more than she expected in her experience as short-term volunteer in Brazil

Maria found much more than she expected in her experience as short-term volunteer Maria-Lena decided to travel to volunteer in ...
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Climate change is possibly the biggest challenge of our era. At Eco Caminhos we believe that by setting the good example others will follow. And to preserve our planet is fun and feels good.
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Our mission is to become fully self-sustaining in food. We grow fruits, vegetables and greens organically. Soon we want to start a chicken farm.
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Permaculture as our guide

We work together, share knowledge and grow as human beings

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