Kennedy | Canadian reports her experience in our rehabilitation program

The three months I spent at Eco Caminhos was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. The combination of the oasis of nature, the farm work, building and the warm and diverse volunteers allowed me to find inner peace and stability and see myself and others more clearly. 

The rhythm of life was a welcome change from the often chaotic and demanding nature of the city, and this environment really allows individuals to slow down and become more established in the simple things. 

Waking up and opening my door to tropical mountains in every colour of green refreshed, excited me about each day and the amazing diversity of wildlife: vegetation species, insects and birds provided new things to be curious about and learn from. 

The permaculture garden was diverse and full of life. It was interesting and enlightening to see complex natural systems at work in a way that offers a more sustainable alternative to traditionally accepted farming methods. The physical nature of the work could be demanding, but everyone just does their best at their own pace and over time I felt myself being filled with new strength and energy.

The meals at Eco Caminhos were times of being together and sharing healthy food, much of it being organic vegetables from the garden. The volunteers take turns cooking which was always a fun and creative challenge to feed almost 20 people, but it provides an excellent opportunity for anyone who is curious to learn more about vegan and healthy cooking in a way that is accessible and sustainable. 

The volunteers were all warm and open, the differences of perspectives and positions in life created an environment to learn about coexisting with diversity and accepting others in their true nature. Game nights and movie nights as well as late night chats around a campfire often brought the community together.

Over all, my experience at Eco Caminhos enriched many parts of my life. I left feeling healthier, more energetic, more open, excited about life and hopeful knowing that many projects like this are devoted to finding a way of life that respects and takes accountability for the state of the planet and the people on it. 

I am filled with gratitude that I had the opportunity to experience this beautiful place filled with lovely people.

Thank you for everything!

–  Kennedy

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