Eco Caminhos Can Help You Overcome Problems | Rehabilitation Program

João Diogo, a 24-year-old Brazilian, came to Eco Caminhos in November 2020 and in this interview he reports on how his routine on the farm helped him, primarily with issues related to anxiety.


“I feel much calmer, less anxious than when I used to have another routine”, he said.


Our routine involves manual and physical work, a lot of contact with nature, and socializing in much calmer environments than in urban ones. João Diogo is just one example of people who found in Eco Caminhos a suitable place to deal with and help with difficulties, such as anxiety. We believe that the Rehabilitation Program we offer can help even more people, especially in the atypical situation that we live in today.

Check out our interview with João Diogo where he talks about how the program helped him:

Why did you decide to come to Eco Caminhos?

Because Eco Caminhos has a whole other routine and a very positive environment, encompassing issues of nature such as permaculture and bioconstruction (natural building) and sharing experiences between different cultures.


How is your experience in the Rehab program? What activities in your routine help you feel better?

It’s been particularly great! I never imagined that I would be totally immersed in this world, in this context of permaculture, bioconstruction, etc. I had no idea how much good it would do me.

The activities that make me feel better are those that require physical effort. I’ve always liked to play ball and run, to practice physical activities in general. It’s like a tool that was missing for my system to work the way it should. We never stop here, regardless of the area you are in, be it in bioconstruction, agroforestry, or general care of the farm. Not to mention the moments of leisure, with trails and waterfalls outside.



Had you already looked for other ways to work through your issues? How does this rehabilitation program differ from other aids you’ve had?

Yes, I’m always looking. Practicing sports and physical activities has always been very present and has always helped me with my anxiety issues. I have also talked to my psychologist and she herself recommended that I practice physical exercises and other activities.

I believe that Eco Caminhos in particular has the necessary means to make the life of any person more balanced.


Do you think that contact with nature and living in a community is also something that helps you? How?

Without a doubt it helps me! Nature helps me understand the timing of things and living in community makes us share, this exchange makes us grow constantly.



What are the biggest differences you’ve noticed regarding your feelings? Previous feelings that have changed since your time living here?

Without a doubt, I feel much calmer, less anxious than when I had another routine.


Would you recommend Eco Caminhos to other people with issues similar to yours? Why?

Certainly! My experience has been great and it has helped me out a lot. I am also fascinated by the context in which we live and the exchange of cultures and experiences.